Why Take a Sauna

Heat and perspiration are a winning combination in eliminate toxins from the body and stimulating the functions of other organs. Heat dilates blood vessels, relaxes the muscles and joints, cleans and makes the skin elastic, facilitates weight loss, helps the immune system and produces an immediate benefit to the nervous system generating relaxation. Below is a summary of all benefits that can be obtained from the sauna:

Detoxifies the body

perspiration is one of the body's first defence against infections. The skin helps to maintain body temperature and eliminates toxins. Through perspiration heavy metals are eliminated (15 minutes in a sauna eliminates the same amount of heavy metals as the kidneys in 24 hours).

Relaxes the muscles

after a workout, muscle soreness is caused by an excess of lactic acid or (read more...)

micro strain of muscle cells. The sauna helps to relax the muscles and relieves pain. The process of perspiration helps to get rid of lactic acid in excess through the dilation of blood vessels, that increase the flow of oxygen to the muscles, reducing swelling.

Improves skin

there is nothing better to cleanse and rejuvenate skin, than a sauna. Creams, deodorants, oils and dead skin cells clog the skin pores, preventing the elimination of impurities, causing acne, pimples and blackheads. Heat produced from the sauna opens the pores, removing toxins. Dilated blood vessels increase the flow of oxygen and liquids to the cell skin, therefore eliminating dead cells. The skin looks younger and feels more elastic.

Helps to lose weight

much fluid is eliminated through sweating, but (read more...)

are immediately reinstated as soon as you drink. This is not the way you lose weight having a sauna. The weight loss occurs through an increase in heart rate, that burns calories. It has been estimated that during a typical sauna, 300 calories are burnt, approximately the number burnt while walking. It's not bad if you consider that you are lying or sitting while losing weight.

Strengthens the immune system

fever is a defences of the organism. Many bacterias in fact die at a certain temperature. The sauna reproduces an artificial fever, core body temperature can increase up to 3 degrees (much more on the surface), simulating a high fever. Those who frequent a sauna often, have a 30% chance of getting less colds. The sauna also contributes in relieving nasal congestion and other less serious respiratory problems.

(read more...)

Physical wellbeing

thanks to the increased cardiovascular activities, endorphins are released in the body, through a chemical process that gives the brain a sense of wellbeing. This procedure also includes analgesic and physiological properties.

Before entering the sauna you must:

- consult your doctor if you have high blood pressure or are taking medications
- avoid alcohol and drugs
- not exceed your permanence for more than 20 minutes
- remove eyeglasses, jewellery and other metallic objects
- avoid abundant meals
The benefits of a sauna are proven, both physically and emotionally. If you consider also those of a beautiful and sought location, qualified personnel, scientific and medical assistance, the sauna becomes a unique experience for your psychophysical well-being.