The Wellness Area

It takes its name from a German abbot and priest, Sebastian Kneipp, who with this method cured TBC, from which he suffered, in six months. This path consists of various treatments based on hydrotherapy, more precisely with the use of alternating hot and cold water, in order to reactivate the peripheral circulation, achieving numerous benefits, from the oxygenation of tissues, to lymphatic draining effect and medical treatment. The path is optimized through physical exercise, nutrition care, the use of medicinal plants, and the improvement in lifestyle.
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It can be used in all conditions of physical or psychological stress, circulatory disorders rheumatic and muscular pain. The effectiveness is advantaged by the constant application of the method. Today, the therapy consists of walking in special tanks that are filled with knee-high water, alternating in hot and cold water. The Kneipp massage is specific to revitalize blood circulation thanks to the action of foot massages realized in therapeutic tanks. It also reduces swelling or feeling of heaviness.