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Also called dry sauna ,heat is not radiated by the environment where the treatment takes place, but the body is directly heated through the deep action of infrared radiation that are absorbed by the skin and can penetrate up to 4 cm. Infrared heat is guaranteed safe. A natural form of energy that heats objects through a process called direct light conversion. From the results of many tests performed in America and Japan, (read more...)

the infrared rays do not cause after-effects, but they have shown that in particular the FAR (rays developed by carbon fibers), have several beneficial effects including promoting circulation and nourishing damaged tissue. This beam of light is not visible by human eye but can be detected by special cameras, the skin detects the presence of this beam under the form of heat. The sun is the primary source of radiant energy, but not all the energy produced by the sun is beneficial: (read more...)

although life needs energy from the sun, the skin suffers because of the presence of harmful rays (UVA, UVB). The infrared rays offer many benefits of natural sunlight without the harmful effects. The penetration of these rays not only promote the elimination of liquids but also fats, thanks to its detoxifying and thermogenic effect. A further benefit is given by the significant reduction of muscle and joint pain. Some studies have also shown positive psychophysical effects, promoting relaxation, improving blood circulation and stimulation of the immune system.