The Wellness Area

in the sauna then water is thrown on the hot stones and steam is produced. The air is humidified and one senses a strong rise in the temperature. Essential oils may be added to the water. The Finnish sauna is characterized by high temperatures that may reach up to 80-100 °C and low humidity which leads to a lower perception of heat. It takes place in specially equipped rooms, covered with pine wood, which creates a warm but dry microenvironment that promotes relaxation.
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Through an abundant perspiration, the Finnish sauna allows a rapid removal of toxins, the release of endorphins (hormones of humour), as well as cell renewal of epidermis. Generally, it is preceded by a hot shower to acclimatize the body to the increasing temperature and is followed by a cold shower for an invigorating effect. Although it is widely practiced, here are some contraindications: for women in pregnancy, persons suffering of hypertension and hypotension, cardiac disorders, circulatory disorders, kidney disease, varicose veins, menstrual cycle, fever, contagious skin diseases and children under the age of 16.